XPA-1 Gen2 Monoblock Power Amplifier 1000W RMS @ 4Ω; 600W RMS @ 8Ω

XPA-1 Gen2 Monoblock Power Amplifier 1000W RMS @ 4Ω; 600W RMS @ 8Ω



  • The XPA-1 Gen2 is true reference quality fully balanced fully differential monoblock amplifier. If you’re looking for the very best sound quality, with virtually endless reserves of power against a jet black noise floor, this is the amplifier for you. Each XPA-1 Gen2 delivers a single channel of powerful, precise, superb quality audio. Use a pair of XPA-1 Gen2 monoblocks for an absolutely unmatched stereo system, or use a full set of them for an unsurpassed surround sound system. Or, if your listening is split evenly between stereo music and surround sound movies, use a pair of XPA-1 Gen2 monoblocks to power your critical front main channels, and use an XPA-5 Gen3 or XPA-7 Gen3 to power your center channel and surrounds.

    Class A Mode

    The XPA-1 Gen2 also features our unique Class A Mode. The XPA-1 Gen2 is an awesome sounding Class A/B amplifier. However, by simply flipping a switch, you can configure the XPA-1 Gen2 to operate in pure Class A mode for the first 60 watts. Because the vast majority of music listening occurs at power levels below 60 watts, this means that you’ll gain all the benefits of a true Class A amplifier, while avoiding the excessive heat traditionally associated with Class A designs. And, when you’re in Class A mode, and you need more power, the XPA-1 Gen 2 seamlessly transitions into Class AB mode. This means you can find the sweet spot at practically every volume level—from the softest pianissimo to the full-throated roar of an orchestral crescendo.

    Simply Great Sound

    And the sound? Even better than the previous generation, thanks to small but significant refinements to our Differential Reference™ circuitry. Now, the finest details are clearly rendered, together with the refinement and finesse you’d expect from a flagship amplifier.

    The previous XPA-1 has been called “a beast, a monster, an abominable snowman on steroids.” Now, the XPA-1 Gen 2 has been sent to finishing school. It’s your conduit to the pure power and majesty of music and movies—distilled into a beautifully designed and precision-crafted 73-lb powerhouse.

    The XPA-1 Gen 2 is the ultimate expression of our X-Series Gen 2 power amplifiers, reflected in its differential-all-the-way-through design, superior build quality, and even tiny—but meaningful—touches like machined, gold-plated RCA connectors, a high-quality metal toggle switch for input selection, and an informative metering system that can be dimmed or turned off entirely. Every aspect of the XPA-1 Gen 2 has been carefully considered and engineered to deliver an amazing experience, by any measure.

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