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BasX-A3 Three Channel Power Amplifier

BasX-A3 Three Channel Power Amplifier


The BasX A3 combines classical audiophile amplifier architecture, based on a heavy-duty linear power supply, and a carefully designed high current short signal path Class A/B output stage, with advanced microprocessor-controlled monitoring and protection circuitry, to deliver superb sound quality at a truly reasonable price.

The BasX A3 is the ideal choice to power a 3.1 channel system, to upgrade the front three channels of a surround sound receiver, or for anywhere where three channels of great sounding clean power are needed.

Three-channel power amplifier

140 watts / channel into 8 Ohms all channels driven

200 watts / channel into 4 Ohms all channels driven

THD+N < 0.02%

Transparent fault protection

Trigger input and output

Auto signal detect

High quality industry standard unbalanced RCA inputs

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